Why Married Couples Don't Have Sex ...At Least Not With Each Other!

Download Raising kids in same sex relationships

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Alison Tedder and Diane Flacks. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • Whether children being raised in same sex relationships typically see themselves and their family structure as being different to their peers
  • How children may voice their feelings and how same sex parents can prepare for their questions
  • How acceptance from extended family eg grandparents, impacts on the adult children and grandchildren, for example
  • Whether male same sex parents have a more difficult time with societal expectations and stereotypes than female co parents
  • Whether and how school administrators and teachers accommodate for the difference in family structure within families of children being raised by same sex parents
  • How same sex parents can advocate on behalf of their children and family to raise awareness -within schools and communities – and offer suggestions for change if necessary
  • Local and national supports for same sex parents raising children