Why Married Couples Don't Have Sex ...At Least Not With Each Other!

Download Caring for your aging parent.

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Dr. Tiffany Chow. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • The age at which adult children typically find their roles with their parents beginning to reverse
  • Age related factors that influence this change in role
  • Other special circumstances that might accelerate this role reversal (eg alzheimers, dementia, stroke)
  • The difference between dementia and alzheimer’s disease
  • The age at which older adults typically need more care
  • Encouraging geriatric assessments and with whom?
  • What to do when an aging parent is resistant to or in denial about needing extra help
  • Why its best to avoid certain words such as “dementia” when talking to an aging parent
  • Support services for aging parents and their adult children
  • Whether our communities/provinces are well equipped to deal with mental and physical changes for our aging population
  • The importance of getting extended family involved in caring for an aging parent/relative
  • What to look for when exploring options for increased care