HelpMeSara and DrLaurie on couples and sex

In this podcast Sara Dimerman chats with family law lawyer, Dr. Laurie Betito.

  • What’s normal? What’s not? in the sex dept of a relationship and who cares anyway?
  • The definition of a “sexless” marriage
  • The difference between a lack of interest and low sexual desire
  • Whether or not women are really not as interested in sex as men
  • The real reasons people avoid having sex with one another
  • How to create an environment that will stimulate desire and enhance sexual experience
  • Whether its possible to re ignite a flame thats gone out and if so, how
  • The importance of foreplay and what it means
  • Physical and physiological changes to our body that affect sex over time and how we can accept and help ourselves rather than fight them
  • The benefits to having regular sex
  • Which relationships are most vulnerable to infidelity

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