How can I be your lover when I'm too busy being your mother?

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Good For Her is Toronto’s premiere sexuality shop and workshop centre. We carry body-safe, quality sex toys, tasteful adult DVDs, lubricants and accessories to spice up your sex life. Our popular workshops topics range from oral sex to orgasms to deepening intimacy for couples.

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Pause: Get out of the Game is an informational campaign targeted at teens with the purpose of raising awareness about the dangers of video game addiction. As a way of speaking their language, the creator of this game encourages teens to download and play this game so as to understand the impact of a...

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Fortylicious is a social networking site that gives men and women in their 40’s the tools and motivation to re-evaluate their lives by partaking in physical and social activities while connecting to an inspiring online community that provides camaraderie, information, interesting articles and ...

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Mommy Connections connects moms through 8 week prenatal, postnatal and toddler classes in more than 25 locations across North America.  Learn about attending a class or becoming a Director in your own area at

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The Motts is streamed through our website, weekdays at 11 both audio and video where we have had over 100,000 visitors and we are heard on 4 radio stations in Ontario (Erin, Bolton, Caledon & Stouffville) and on in B.C.

Our “Motts Weekend” a compilation of...

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Kids Around Canada

Kids Around Canada – Your essential parenting resource for cities across Canada. Find a fabulous calendar of infant and child-friendly events, activity suggestions, articles, reviews, parenting tips, contests and much more.

Read Kids Around Canada – A growing collection of practical parenting ideas and advice. It is a place to share and receive ideas to help you raise fabulous children of all ages. Join the Practicalmum community and read, laugh, share, cry and learn alongside other parents who are struggling and cele...