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Thank you for your interest in having Sara Dimerman present at your school, organization or event. Please find a listing of some popular workshop/presentation topics below. Depending on the topic being addressed, Sara typically includes one of her books as a complimentary item to be drawn as a prize.

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Understanding Your Teen


Image by Petra Bensted

This can be requested as either a one or two part presentation/workshop. In part one, Sara helps parents navigate the turbulent teen years by offering them a fresh and positive perspective, along with practical tips on how to reduce stress and encourage co operation. Topics that will be addressed include:

  • Peers and priorities
  • Communication and privacy
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Responsibilities and chores
  • Technology
  • Homework and school
  • Dating and sexuality

If there is to be a part two, this would be in the form of a workshop on a separate day, offers parents to return a couple of weeks later to discuss the tips, what worked and did not and to get support, advice and reassurance from one another and Sara.

You did an excellent presentation. The parents really enjoyed it. You provided many valuable tips. Thanks. Frank Sgarlata, parent/co-ordinator

New! How Technology has changed families lives and what you can do about it

This presentation will offer parents practical advice on setting boundaries around use of technology and help them cope with their families dependency on it.

It will also explore:

  • How technology has evolved over the years
  • Gadgets and apps that are particularly appealing to children? teens? adults?
  • How technology has enhanced our lives and also made them more difficult
  • How and why parents should set limits around technology

“Help Me Sara!”: Your Questions Answered

questionsThis discussion workshop, facilitated by Sara, may be general in scope and pertain to parenting or relationship concerns. Or if you’d prefer, you may choose a topic for Sara to focus on. She would then set the stage, facilitate discussion and offer advice.

Previous topics have included:

  • Back to school (e.g. questions related to handling homework, working with teachers, separation anxiety, preparing for school, making new friends)
  • How technology has changed families lives (e.g. Pros and cons of electronics, setting limits)
  • Talking to your kids about tough topics (eg. Sexuality, alcohol and drugs)

This workshop format lends itself to Sara talking with rather than at group participants. With this in mind, it is best that the room be set up in a round formation (support group style) or around a circle or rectangle of desks.

Group participants will have the option of sending Sara questions in advance, asking them spontaneously or a combination of both.


Support for Women


New! Fifty Plus Women’s Support Group

This six week workshop will offer small groups of women an opportunity to navigate changes, to connect and be supported by other women in the same zone. The group will also offer a psycho educational component where we will explore:

  • Understanding physical, cognitive and emotional changes post fifty
  • Dealing with changes in relationships with others – peers, partners and relatives
  • Managing life’s transitions including becoming empty nesters – or not
  • Reflecting and coping with feelings of being “lost” or less productive – at work or home
  • Making time to care for yourself while caring for others (such as children, grandchildren or aging parents)
  • Finding peace of mind, passion, purpose and pleasure in life

The cost for this group is $180.00 and may be covered by your extended health insurance plan.

To find out about upcoming morning and evening groups, or to register, please write to Sara at or use the form below.


Parenting Presentations


How to Influence your Kids for Good

influenceWe all want to help our kids become caring, courageous, positive and
principled people. But in today’s hectic, information-overdosed world there
seem to be a thousand influences on them that we are not always happy about.
And when they don’t act like the kind of people we hoped they would be, we
often feel out of control, out of ideas and worried about how to turn things

Based on Sara’s book, How to Influence Kids for Good, this workshop will provide strategies for parents to feel more in control of helping their children:

  • Take more responsibility for their actions
  • Become more able to put themselves in other’s shoes
  • Take greater initiative at home and school
  • Value togetherness as a family
  • Courageously face fears and persist through challenges
  • Be less influenced by negative peer pressure
  • Be able to stand up for what they believe in… and more!

Words that work… keeping the lines of communication open

wordsNo matter their child’s age, parents often share concerns about their children not “listening”, their children not “sharing” details of their day at school and the secrets that they share with their peers but not with them. In this workshop, parents will learn:

  • The difference between open and closed communication and how they may unintentionally shut their children up by the way they respond
  • How to get beyond their child’s one word responses and not take this personally
  • The art of active listening
  • How to broach tough topics… and more!

Building a family team

family-teamMost parents agree that they’d prefer to invite co-operation rather than use coercion to establish a routine that has all family members pulling their weight. This workshop will offer parents advice on:

  • How to establish a co operative rather than adversarial home environment
  • How to broach the topic of working together/doing chores
  • When and if it’s a good idea to pay children for helping with chores
  • How to divide chores between household members
  • What to do if chores are not taken care of as promised

Helping your child develop and maintain healthy self esteem

esteemChildren, from an increasingly younger age, compare themselves to and follow the example of peers and role models at home and in the media.

This workshop will:

  • Offer tips for intentionally modelling positive self regard
  • Help parents to teach their children how to become media savvy i.e. to recognize what is “real” and what is fabricated
  • Help parents work towards encouraging children to find their passion
  • Help parents learn to guide their children towards feeling good from the inside out
  • Offer tips for how to handle children who put themselves down

Motivating your child for success: at home and in school

motivatingSuccess is measured in different ways. Children typically measure their success by the grades or awards they receive. They are typically less inclined to recognize their personal effort and improvement. As parents we can help them become more aware of personal best and the different ways to measure success.

In this workshop, Sara will provide concrete and practical tools and techniques to deal with:

  • Children who are capable, but not motivated to reach their potential
  • Children who seem to need constant nagging and reminders to get their work done
  • Children who appear to lack a sense of responsibility and independence
  • Children who appear to lack skills for self evaluation and look to others for encouragement and reward
  • Arguments between parents and children about school work

Am I a normal parent?

Most parents want to know if they are “normal.” In other words, how they compare to others and whether their thoughts and actions are typical. Based on her book by the same name, this workshop will:

  • Identify the most common questions parents ask in regards to being “normal”
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to answer some of these questions and to compare their responses with one another
  • Offer reassurance and advice to parents in regards to their concerns about not being “normal”
  • Explore whether being “normal” is all that it’s cracked up to be


Relationship Presentations


Life After Baby: Transitioning from we to three

after-babyThis workshop addresses the concerns of many couples who feel that their relationship has changed since the birth of their baby. One partner may even feel resentful that his or her life has changed more than the other. They may wonder if their feelings and changes are normal and if things will ever return to the way they once were.

This workshop lets individuals and couples know:

  • That they are not alone
  • What they can do to ensure that they don’t become disconnected
  • How to manage a jealous partner’s feelings
  • How to work together as a team
  • What changes to expect along the way and how to cope with them

How can I be your lover when I’m too busy being your mother?

Based on Sara’s book by the same name, this workshop will explore both male and female perspectives on this subject. Women, for example, feel that they wear too many hats and have no choice but to assume the role of mother for everyone in the family, including their spouses. This typically causes resentment and anger. On the other hand, men often say that their wives are critical gatekeepers and that they assume this role out of their need for control. They say that they don’t want another mother.

This workshop will:

  • Uncover a familiar dynamic in most live in relationships
  • Identify more about what men and women say on this topic
  • Explore ways to change patterns of behaviour so that the couple can move away from this dynamic and become lovers instead

Why married couples don’t have sex… at least not with each other!

sexBased on Sara’s book by the same name, this workshop will address a dynamic familiar to the majority of couples who have been living together for a couple of years or more. It will:

  • Uncover the real reasons behind the “not tonight dear” excuses
  • Identify what leads couples down the path towards sexless marriages
  • Explore ways in which a couple can enrich their relationship so that it can become mutually satisfying


Workshops for Teens


Does Technology rule your life?

teen-technologyThis program is designed for 13-17 year old teens who are able to self reflect and discuss topics that are relevant to their lives, on a deeper level. Psychologist Sara Dimerman and psychotherapist, Meagan Solomon, help your teen explore the role and impact of technology on their lives and others.

The program is designed to:

  • Raise consciousness and increase understanding of the topic
  • Encourage awareness, introspection and challenge beliefs
  • Develop or increase observational skills of behaviour in selves and others
  • Direct teens towards positive change and self growth
  • Encourage teens towards becoming facilitators of positive change in others as necessary

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