19-year-old overweight son failing at university and not doing well emotionally

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Dear Sara,My son is 19 and is overweight (275 lbs). He was consistently in the honour roll during high school and graduated as an Ontario Scholar.He received a scholarship during his first term at university in September 2009, which was also his first time living away from his family. When his grades were released we found out that he failed his 3 core courses. He told us that he was overwhelmed with his first university experience and had procrastination problems. He had also gained more weight and told us that he was always sleepy. He retook the courses but he again failed those same 3 core courses. He told us that he could not explain what happened, he knew what he needed to do but was just too lazy to do more. He also mentioned high expectations from us and we told him that we only expected him to pass this term. We told him to find a summer job and to find a way to get out of the rut he is in. We know that addressing his weight problem is the priority and are having his health assessed. We are scared to go for counselling because we don’t want our son to simply be diagnosed as depressed and then prescribed medication.We just want to help our son and stop this downward slide as early as possible. We are thinking about boot camps so that he will develop self-discipline skills. We are also thinking about enrolling him in diet clinics so that he can lose weight and not feel too sleepy. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with our problems best?Thank you in advance and more power to you.