Am I a Normal Parent?


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Has your child begun to see your partners imperfections through your eyes?

During the honeymoon phase of a romantic relationship, your partner can do no wrong. You find their quirky mannerisms endearing and laugh at their jokes, even when shared over and again. You enjoy seeing them sleeping in on a...

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Karli on Sesame Street

This month marks Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary. Funny how the long-loved characters Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and friends, never age. What has changed, however, is some of this well reputed show’s content.

Gone are the days where children could learn just the ABC’s f...

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Now that there are only weeks left before your teen leaves home to live in residence at college or university, it may feel a little too close for comfort – for you, anyway! If you’re like most parents, you support your teen during the application process. However, perhaps you silently pr...

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Writing in notebook

If your teen is studying for, or in the middle of writing exams right now, then you may be interested in reading about how to make this period of time less stressful for everyone, but especially for your son or daughter.

First, I’d like to normalize the stress and anxiety that is bound to occ...

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Feet hanging over cliff

If you have Netflix and you like watching inspirational shows that make you think, then I strongly recommend watching Brene Brown, in The Call To Courage. At the core of what she talks about is being vulnerable and courageous. For in order to be courageous, one must first be vulnerable. The two are ...

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From the moment we are born, we cry. It is our announcement to the world that we have arrived. That we are alive. And it is rejoiced.

But no one lets a baby cry for too long. Not even when their cries mark a moment to be celebrated. A baby’s cries are muted by the gentle rocking of another hu...

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