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If your teen is studying for, or in the middle of writing exams right now, then you may be interested in reading about how to make this period of time less stressful for everyone, but especially for your son or daughter.

First, I’d like to normalize the stress and anxiety that is bound to occ...

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The ABCs of Raising Smarter Kids book cover

Moving from A through Z, award-winning author Dr. Joanne Foster reveals hundreds of ways to encourage and support children’s abilities in ABCs of Raising Smarter Kids. She shares understandings based on over 30 years’ experience as a dedicated professional in the field of child developme...

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If you have Netflix and you like watching inspirational shows that make you think, then I strongly recommend watching Brene Brown, in The Call To Courage. At the core of what she talks about is being vulnerable and courageous. For in order to be courageous, one must first be vulnerable. The two are ...

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Download Identifying and managing traits that prevent you from reaching your life goals

Many people, despite having goals, feel that there are roadblocks in their way. I contacted Gorett Reis, a life and career coach, for her views on what may be keeping them from moving forward, and what they can d...

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