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Sara Dimerman In conversation with Rick Kelly.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

What restorative/restorative justice means? How long the restorative justice model has been used and how it evolved? Other options for dealing with bullying issues How the restorative justice m... Listen to Resolving conflict: answers to how bullying may be handled in your child’s school

Mommy Connections connects moms through 8 week prenatal, postnatal and toddler classes in more than 25 locations across North America.  Learn about attending a class or becoming a Director in your own area at

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You wonder why something that requires as little physical effort as lifting, shaking and smoothing out a duvet cover would warrant as much nagging effort on your part every morning.

Yet each day you play out the same tired old scenario. You walk past your child’s  bedroom while he or she is downs...

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