How to choose the right school to fit your child’s needs (or how to make the best of what you’ve got)


Sara Dimerman in conversation with Janyce Lastman. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • Why  parents sometimes feel that their children’s needs are not being met at school
  • The difference between public versus private schools
  • What parents can do when they disagree about which school their children should attend
  • The factors/issues that parents often don’t consider but should when choosing a school
  • The pros and cons of changing schools or school systems – and the  best (or worst) time to do so
  • Some things parents might not typically think of doing that could help improve a difficult situation at school –  social, academic or behavioural
  • Some of the more common conditions that require accommodations at school, e.g. learning disability
  • Some other less obvious conditions that may require special attention, e.g. anxiety, conduct disorder
  • Options for teens who  don’t fit  regular high school programming
  • Some newer or non-traditional options parents might consider for students who wish to continue an education after high school
  • More intensive or specialized resources for at risk youth
  • Resources and supports for parents