University of Toronto

How to Unlock the Best in our Children and Ourselves.

Workshop for University of Toronto students, faculty and staff.

We all want to help our kids become caring, courageous, positive and principled people. But in today’s hectic, information-overdosed world there seem to be a thousand influences on them that we are not always happy about. And when they don’t act like the kind of people we hoped they would be, we often feel out of control, out of ideas and worried about how to turn things around.

Would you like to see your children:

  • Taking greater initiative at home and school?
  • Able to put themselves in others’ shoes?
  • Taking more responsibility for their actions?
  • Valuing togetherness as a family and wanting to spend more time with you?
  • Consistently treating peers, adults and themselves with respect?
  • Being honest even when the truth is difficult to share?
  • Courageously facing fears and persisting through challenges?
  • Less influenced by negative peer pressure and able to stand up for what they believe in?
  • Join Sara Dimerman for a one hour seminar (plus Q & A) on how to accomplish this

I just wanted to thank you for enlightening myself (and others) yesterday on the various aspects of parenting. Your insights and point of views (especially from a child’s point of view) are greatly appreciated.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable time to learn and to laugh at the joys of parenting.
– Victor, staff member at University of Toronto