For better or worse: how technology has changed families lives

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Marc Saltzman. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • How technology has evolved over the past decade
  • Gadgets and gizmos that are particularly appealing to children? teens? adults?
  • Whether males or females are more drawn to technology than the other gender
  • Why there is such a fascination with technology today
  • How technology has enhanced our lives and how it has made them more difficult
  • Whether or not there is a correlation between violent video games and aggressive behaviour
  • How and why parents should set limits on children and technology
  • Where technology is headed

Pause: Get out of the Game is an informational campaign targeted at teens with the purpose of raising awareness about the dangers of video game addiction. As a way of speaking their language, the creator of this game encourages teens to download and play this game so as to understand the impact of addictive video game playing on their lives.. It mimics the life of a video game addict as they play at the cost of ignoring their family, friends, responsibilities and personal health.