Character is the key

After recently marking 15 years as host of a nightly radio program in Montreal about love, sex and relationships, psychologist and sex expert Dr. Laurie Betito is pleased to announce the release of her first book, The Sex Bible for People Over 50: The Complete Guide to Sexual Love for Mature Couples.

Sex after the age of 50 can be thrilling and fulfilling but it requires work: More communication, longer foreplay, different positions, sexual aids and toys… keeping it sexy can be challenging. Couples must adapt to accommodate the myriad of physical, emotional and social changes that come with late middle-age.

With clear language and vivid photography, Dr. Laurie delivers techniques for those wanting to reconnect with their partners, including tips on how to experiment in long-term relationships and how to handle dating post-50. The Sex Bible for People Over 50 also shows readers how to build new sexual skills by suggesting exercises and new ways to enjoy sexual pleasure on their own or with their partner.