The Duck Syndrome: Social media’s impact on mental health

Sara is part of a panel discussing The Duck Syndrome: social media’s impact on mental health on Wednesday November 25th.

Event Details

The Duck Syndrome: when a duck swims across the pond, all we see is a poised bird sliding across the water. What we don’t see is how hard he is peddling to move across.

Most people care about their brand, they spend the time to carefully craft the image they present to the world. Social media’s impact is two-sided, we send and we receive. You will learn about interesting ways companies interact with us and influence our behaviour. We each have the potential to influence our network through our social media presence. How often do our friends share their struggles, all-nighters or sad moments from a heartbreak? The “perfect” doesn’t exist but unfortunately, it’s all that we see on social media.

Let’s discuss the impact social media has on our habits, perception and behaviour. The discussion includes campaigns like WWF’s #LastSelife, #IWokeUpLikeThis, recent posts from Essena O’Neill and mental health on campus.

Sara on a panel for social media’s impact on mental health