Raising a gender fluid child: a moms story

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Heidi Barrett. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • What gender fluidity/gender non conforming means
  • Whether a child should be a certain age or reached a certain level of maturity before listening to their beliefs about how they want to express themselves (regarding their gender)
  • Whether gender non conforming children are born “who they are” or become non conforming as a result of being raised by non conforming parents (gender or otherwise)
  • How we can model acceptance, sensitivity and increased tolerance towards people who are gender non conforming
  • What happens if a parent imposes certain gender stereotypes when raising girls and boys
  • What happens at school/in other environments where children are not encouraged to be “who they want to be”
  • Whether being gender fluid/non conforming is just trendy or whether it has been suppressed over the years and in certain cultures until now
  • How to advocate and educate on behalf of your gender non conforming child (and how to help your children advocate for themselves too)
  • How to manage environments that are more gender specific, e.g. gender specific washrooms, boys vs. girls clothing sections at a store or when teachers separate boys and girls and a boy in a skirt goes to sit with the boys
  • Supports and resources including: