Are our lives going to pot?

Now that marijuana has being legalized in Canada, what changes, other than the obvious, will this bring about? How can we make sure that we are as knowledgeable about the impact of weed on our bodies and our brains as possible, and how are we going to ensure that our beliefs and behaviours are modelling the responsible use of drugs, so that our children do not get the message that just because something is legal, that its safe. I invited Psychologist, Dr. Jonathan Stea, to join me to discuss this important topic.

Over the course of this episode, you will learn more about:

  • The physiological and psychological impact of using marijuana, in particular, on us
  • Whether marijuana is addictive or not and whether it impacts our ability to make good, safe decisions
  • Whether different forms of marijuana affects us differently
  • Whether marijuana that is dispensed through legally approved centres are safer and what might happen to the black market
  • Whether the legalization of recreational marijuana will encourage children under the age of 19 to use (for the first time or more than they already do)
  • Whether parents using or growing at home will normalize its use or make children less inclined and how parents can discuss marijuana with their children