Diets don’t work. So, what does?

Person standing on scale

Top of the new year resolution list for many people is losing weight or going on “diet.” Now that I’ve spoken to Registered Dietician Shauna Lindzon, I am inspired to change that item on my list to read “Change lifestyle for healthier living” rather than “lose weight to look better.” Listen here to be inspired yourself.

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Shauna Lindzon. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • Why diets don’t work
  • So what does work and for what end goal?
  • Whether dieting is a world wide phenomenon or more of a North American mindset?
  • What kinds of diets are most popular? Has this changed over the years?
  • Whether women are more inclined to follow diets than men and whether there is a gender difference in regards to losing weight as we age?
  • Some ways for people to set themselves up for success in regards to getting off the dieting roller coaster.
  • Why ‘mindfulness’ is important when considering a change in diet for a healthier lifestyle.