Healing: From the Inside Out

Silhouette of woman at the beach

Sara Dimerman in conversation with author, Lynda Faye Schmidt, on healing: from the inside out. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • Lyndas’ book, The Healing, and how closely her life resembles that of Cate’s – the main character who leaves an abusive marriage after 26 years.
  • What Lynda experienced in her first marriage and how she found the strength and courage to leave.
  • The mixture of emotion that Lynda felt when leaving her home and city, especially since her youngest child, then 18, was remaining behind with his father.
  • How Lynda’s children were able to show compassion and kindness towards their father, despite being exposed to their parent’s dysfunctional relationship.
  • How Lynda’s exposure to living with loved ones with mental illness has impacted her personally.
  • How writing, along with other factors such as building close relationships and travel have contributed to her healing.