Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – what this means and how to cope with it

Man surrounded by smoke

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Dr. Riina Bray. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • What Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) means
  • The difference between an allergy and a sensitivity
  • Some of the signs and symptoms of MCS
  • How to go about getting this confirmed and the benefits of knowing that you have MCS
  • Whether most people who are sensitive to one chemical are likely sensitive to more or all
  • Some of the more common chemical sensitivities
  • The impact that having MCS has on one’s physical, social, emotional and psychological well being
  • The impact that MCS has on one’s relationship with a partner or children
  • Whether there are any known causes or triggers for MCS
  • Where people with MCS may go to get help or treatment
  • Options available to help people with MCS
  • Whether most people with MCS eventually live so called “normal” lives