Food for thought: How to manage a food addiction

Food on display

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Registered Social Worker Clarissa Kennedy. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • What a food addiction means
  • Whether or not it differs from other addictions, such as to alcohol or gambling, for example
  • Whether or not it is recognized as an addiction in diagnostic manuals that mental health professionals refer to
  • If food addiction falls under the same category as an eating disorder and how it differs from other eating disorders such as binge eating
  • Whether or not some people might be more vulnerable when it comes to developing an addiction to food and why
  • Some signs that one might be grappling with a food addiction
  • How to manage a food addiction
  • Some of the ways in which food addiction is treated
  • What special training someone with an eating addiction should look for in a therapist when they are seeking help


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