Why Married Couples Don’t Have Sex… At Least Not With Each Other!

Remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other?

When you’re married, sex can be completely different from when you were dating. Back then, sex was intense. Exciting. Something you looked forward to. But what happens when the flame fizzles?

Drawing on her years of experience counseling couples, psychologist and relationship expert Sara Dimerman explains why sexual desire fades once we’re living together and why – bored with the monotony of monogamy – we become lazy about keeping sex novel and passionate.

Why Married Couples Don’t Have Sex… At Least Not with Each Other! dives into the dynamics that diminish sexual desire and intimacy and exposes the real reasons so many men and women are willing to risk losing their marriages by engaging in relationships with new lovers. Sara offers frank, playful, yet practical advice (plus many resources) for married women and men who want to know why they’re no longer enjoying a fulfilling sex life and what they can do about it.

Equally helpful to both men and women, this book is a must for everyone’s bedside table.

Dimerman approaches an age-old problem—can the emotional safety and routine of marriage co-exist with ongoing passion and intimacy?—with an open mind, decades of experience as a couples’ therapist, and most importantly, lots of practical advice to put into action. This book will help people struggling with the role of sex within their marriage.
Robin Rinaldi, Author – The Wild Oats Project

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On shelves of all major booksellers on February 24, 2015


Thursday Feb 26th

February 26th at 7PM - Lovecraft, 2200 Dundas St. E, MississaugaSara offered a free presentation the day after her book was being sold in stores.

Fri Feb 27 – Sun March 1 – Sexapalooza show

20150227_202130Sara launched her book by offering presentations all weekend of the Sexapalooza show.

Friday March 20th

CBC Radio Ontario Today
Open Line Show asking: Why risk your marriage for something on the side?.

Saturday March 21st

Good For Her Book LaunchGood For Her, 175 Harbord Street, Toronto.

Sara offered a free presentation and was available to sign books.

Wednesday March 25th

9-10pm EST – Join the Bookalicious Twitter chat – go to yummymummyclub.ca/blogs/wanda-lynne-young-bookalicious for more information and how to win a copy of the book. Follow host @BookaliciousCA and @HelpMeSara and use the hashtag #MarriedSexBook to participate.

Read a Q&A about the book on Yummy Mummy Club.

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