Badly behaved kids: Who’s to blame & what you can do about it!

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Lana Feinstein.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • Why children misbehave.
  • The many influences on our children and how to combat them.
  • Who has the most power and influence on our children.
  • How individual temperament, personality and genetics play a role in “bad” behaviour and whether this can be changed.
  • Why children who are demanding, stubborn and strong willed may be better off in the long run than obedient, passive children.
  • Why using the word “bad” is no good.
  • How a parent’s self fulfilling prophecy can lead to positive or negative behaviour.
  • The difference between praise and encouragement and which works best.
  • How even negative role models can provide learning opportunities to develop positive behaviour.
  • How to build character (strong morals and values) in your children and your family.
  • How to cope with some of the more common behavioural concerns e.g. not getting up for school or going to bed on time, not telling the truth, homework hassles, breaking curfews.
  • Whether or not it’s important that both parents (together or divorced) be on the same page when parenting.