Am I a Normal Parent?: Reassurance and advice you’ve been looking for

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Lana Feinstein.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • What defines a normal parent
  • Whether or not “normal” is all that its cracked up to be
  • What thoughts, feelings and behaviours you share in common with others
  • What percentage of parents feel bad (guilty) when they’re mad and what you can do if you’re one of them
  • What percentage of parents tell their children “I’ll be there in a minute” but really take ten or more and whether or not this is such a bad thing
  • How many parents feel that they are slaves to their children and unappreciated. What you can do if you’re one of them and want to turn things around.
  • How many parents feel judged by others and if you’re one of them, what you can say and do when you feel this way.
  • What percentage of parents struggle to find time for their children, other adults and themselves and if you’re one of them, how to balance things out.
  • How many parents have a hard time deciding where to draw the line between being protective and over protective and if you’re one of them, how to figure it out.
  • How many parents threaten with punishment but then don’t follow through and how to become more consistent.
  • What percentage of parents give in because of peer pressure and whether this is ever okay.