The impact of stopping and starting school during the pandemic

School lockers with stickers on them

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Janyce Lastman about the impact of stopping and starting school during the pandemic. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • The impact that this has had on parents, students and teachers.
  • Some of the most challenging aspects of both having kids at home with their parents 24/7 in addition to online learning.
  • What parents and teachers can do to help support kids when they are asked to stay away from school.
  • whether there will be gaps in learning or whole years worth of learning lost as a result of how going back and forth to school has been managed.
  • How parents can best equip themselves to help their kids prepare to go with the flow.
  • What strategies, plans and resources can be put in place to support the current climate of education – in Ontario, Canada and around the world.

Janyce recommends these additional resources: