Is homeschooling the right choice for every family?

Parents teaching child

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Kimberly Gawne about homeschooling.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • What homeschooling means
  • Whether there’s an age or grade at which it’s best to begin homeschooling
  • Whether homeschooling is the right choice for every child and family
  • The benefits of homeschooling
  • Whether there are any drawbacks to homeschooling, including the possibility of less socialization
  • Whether or not one needs to have a background in education or working with children in order to homeschool them
  • Whether or not children who are homeschooled typically continue with homeschooling into high school
  • How older teens, entering college or university programs after being homeschooled, fare, socially and academically, for example

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