Saying goodbye to a beloved pet

Dog and cat

Sara Dimerman in conversation with Lesley Rosenthal about saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • How saying goodbye to a beloved pet is different to or the same as saying goodbye to a beloved human family member or friend
  • What to keep in mind when making the decision to euthanize
  • Whether to include children in the decision to euthanize your pet
  • Knowing when the time is “right” to say goodbye
  • Some options when euthanizing one’s pet
  • Whether or not children should be present for the euthanasia
  • Some options in regards to burial or cremation of one’s pet, for example
  • What’s “normal” in regards to your feelings in the days, weeks and months following the passing of your pet
  • Some ways of memorializing or honouring one’s pet
  • If there are other pets at home, what changes might you see in them following the loss of their companion